AVG Internet Security 5-PC 1 years

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AVG Internet Security 
Our top antivirus defense for your privacy and you.
E-mail scanner
Detects malicious or phony incoming attachments so your computer won't be harmed by them. Works as a POP 3, SMTP, or IMAP account scanner or as an add-on for email clients like Microsoft Outlook®.

Protective cloud technology
identifies and stops emerging dangers in the cloud via automatic antivirus software upgrades.
Community security network
Put every new threat that one of our community members encounters in everyone's protection. The result is an ever-better protection against viruses for the entire AVG community.
AVG Online Shield ™
Protects you when exchanging files via MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ and verifies the security of data before downloading.
Data safe
Put your priceless documents, pictures, or other items on a password-protected virtual disk on your computer and encrypt them. Move files to your data locker using Windows Explorer, then access it like any other drive.
AVG Identity Protection ™
Examines software activity in real time to assess its safety. This feature shields you from malicious software and zero-day attacks that could steal your bank account details, passwords, and other sensitive digital data.
Smart Scanner
Only scans your computer when it's idle. As you move the mouse or press a key, the mode changes to Low Priority. limits the scan duration by ignoring files that have previously been inspected and deemed to be secure.
Ensures the fastest possible connection rates and binary data downloads for slicker, quicker video streaming. substantially enhances your YouTube video viewing experience.
Automatic updates
Our protection technology is always being updated and improved, therefore we make sure that your software is updated automatically to retain the best possible degree of security.