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BullGuard Internet Security
Leading protection.

Simple and safe installation.
BullGuard Internet Security checks your system for installation, gets rid of any malware that is already active, and adjusts to the system requirements. The installation of the most recent virus definitions is verified before the process is complete. BullGuard quickly becomes operational in the background and makes sure that your system is safe and secure from all dangers.

Surprisingly user-friendly.
Never before has setting up your security been so simple. With the new layout, it is simple. Each module panel for a function is separate. To initiate the desired action—such as a rapid scan, a backup, or PC optimization—click on the selected option. You can quickly see the security state of your PC because all modules are on one page. A click will get you to the required object if you wish to dig a little deeper.

Updates at a glance.
Defend your PC from identity theft and unauthorized hackers. The firewall guards your network from threats and keeps hackers out of your system.

Antivirus. Intercepts all viruses effectively.
In order to identify new infections based on how they behave on your computer and stop them from doing harm, our antivirus software use behavioral detection. This creates an almost impregnable security for your PC with many defense layers when combined with the identification of known viruses based on definitions. Independent laboratories have proven the extremely high detection rates.

Powerful parental control. Protection without nagging.
A strong and practical solution to better safeguard your kids online is BullGuard Parental Control. You can set up search filters, limit how long kids may use the internet, ban access to shady websites, and even keep an eye on their activity. Your kids are shielded from cyberbullying and kept away from improper content thanks to it. It is beneficial for your mental health.

Advanced backup. Easily backup and restore and share files.
You may safely store vital documents, pictures, music, and more in the 5 GB of free online storage that you receive. Choose what and how frequently you wish to backup, or utilize the automated backup feature. Even the contents of folders can be backed up with a single click. And that's not all: when you wish to restore the data to another computer or even to your smartphone, you may open and examine it right away.

Firewall. Stop intruders.
This is your first line of defense against unauthorized hackers and identity theft. The firewall guards your network from threats and keeps hackers out of your system.

Spam filter. No spam. No scam.
Emails that are unwanted, used for fraud, phishing, the spread of malware, or in another language are deleted by BullGuard Spamfilter. To stop receiving emails you don't want to, you can also make your own custom filters.

Secure browsing. Every website checked.
Some websites have dangerous code that is hidden. Or they are employed in phishing scams. BullGuard verifies the websites that come up in your searches, notifies you of their safety, and alerts you to sites you shouldn't trust.

Vulnerability scanner. Make sure your PC continues to work properly.
Determines whether your computer has outdated software that hackers and viruses can use to damage your system or steal personal information. Such software can be eliminated if found.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP (at least SP2)
Memory: 1 GB of RAM
Hard drive space: 850 MB