Dragon Quest Builders Nintendo Switch (Download)

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Build to protect the planet! To rebuild Alefgard's destroyed universe, collect, create, and construct the kingdom of your dreams! While battling monsters, you'll build rooms, communities, and fortifications as the fabled Builder. Build at will, share creations online, engage in arena combat, and unlock content only available in the Nintendo Switch version of Terra Incognita!

You are the only person in Alefgard who has the ability to restore and level up its destroyed towns in order to entice new people and increase their power. However, take caution because raising a town's level will also tempt the Dragonlord's monsters!

So join the locals in fighting back! You can obtain resources for making things and constructing things by killing monsters and breaking environment blocks. Play Terra Incognita on the Nintendo Switch and enjoy content that is only available there: Slay enemies to obtain Pixel Blocks, then use them to assemble a Dragon Quest Game Pak to gain access to more building materials. You are free to redevelop the land. Rubiss the goddess has spoken!