ESET Smart Security 5-PC 1 Year

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ESET Smart Security
Your multi-layer internet security is protected by ESET Smart Security, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your digital adventure. Trust the anti-malware program that includes antivirus, anti-theft protection, and now botnet protection.
Antivirus and Anti-Phishing
Do you prefer to shop online or read the news? Internet surfing is safer while using antivirus. Use anti-phishing to avoid phony websites.
Ever worry that your laptop might be gone? Thanks to Anti-Theft, you can track down and find your lost laptop and get in touch with the finder.

Personal Firewall
Are you using public Wi-Fi hotspots to connect? Wherever you are, our Personal Firewall will shield your personal data whenever you establish a connection.
Botnet security
Brand-new technology that guards against spam and network attacks launched from your machine as well as botnet virus penetration.
Exploit Blocker
prevents assaults that are crafted to avoid antivirus detection. shields users from attacks on Java-based software as well as web browsers, PDF readers, and other programs.
Advanced Memory Scanner
Enables enhanced detection of persistent malware that conceals its operations with many levels of encryption