Total War: WARHAMMER III EU Steam (Digital Download)

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There is a realm of pure, evil magic called the Realm of Chaos that exists far beyond the world and its small-scale conflicts. It is a dreadful realm that the human mind cannot comprehend. Although it offers promises of strength, seeing it is to fall prey to its seduction. to give your soul over to it. to take on it.

This area is ruled by the four Ruinous Powers, who are always trying to escape their chains and submerge the entire globe in a wave of demonic degradation. The gods of plague, Slaanesh, excess, Tzeentch, way-changing, and Khorne, bloodshed, are all mentioned.

The formidable kingdoms of Grand Cathay and Kislev, with their stern soldiers, guard the threshold between the realms. But because each is dealing with its own struggles, both are now forced to cross the line and send their forces into the Realm of Chaos.

The entire globe hangs precariously. It will enter a cataclysm with just one push.

And there is someone who plots to do just that—a legendary character who wants nothing more than to hold absolute power. But he'll need a champion if he wants to win.

All will be affected by the impending confrontation. Are you going to defeat your demons? or order them?